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As a poetry and literature lover, writing has always been a second nature. The rhymes, the alexandrines, the fancy words... a delight.

I praise Femininity, the Masculine instinct, your most beautiful emotions and I lovingly share my confidential addresses, my most Iconic memories.

My Journal translates who I am and how I dedicate my craft to design editorial and glamorous love celebration in Europe.

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avril 21, 2019

When they are expressing their feelings and their emotions in front of the camera.     Each couple inspire me. Sometimes by their history, the trials they have been through. I believe in fate, but is there any chance? This is the first story I’m telling you here, the story of a couple who only […]

It all started like a secret in winter with blue shades. Those 2 lovers were determined to escape and feel the true vibes of their love story. Therefore, we created A winter shade of blue, echo of their love story. It all begging with the getting ready /boudoir photo shoot Anna wanted for her wedding […]




A wind of sensuality is blowing on the wedding industry, it’s time to unveil that part of soft and refined femininity that lies dormant in each of you… an ode to women with delicate notes of lace and tulle.

The bride’s soft boudoir is all about sublimating her, playing with the elements.

Few candles, the bridal details and a glass of champagne for and editorial and timeless moment just for her.

The poetry that emerges is powerful.

Put your modesty aside and imagine yourself with one of those undressed…
Escape with a light touch…
In this article, I suggest to the bride-to-be to think only of herself and to reveal her femininity!

A wind of sensuality is blowing on the wedding industry, it’s time to unveil that part of soft and refined femininity that lies dormant in each of you… an ode to women with delicate notes of lace and tulle.


For you,  future brides, the designer Héloïse from So Hélo proposes a bridal trousseau.

In this box you will find:

The long or short underwear made of black lace with a floral pattern and its matching satin belt
A delicate silk babydoll underwear
A silk night mask to spend sweet nights and as a gift, a fine jewelry garter…


A bride should be an Icon on her wedding day. In your robe, you will reveal yourself in all intimacy.

The embroidered and beaded veil represents the feminity and the sensuality.


That is why my coworker Loukia Arapian created Boutique By Loukia. She aimes at providing stylish and editorial bridal items: She partners with Bella Belle Shoes, american brand inspired by the Italian word for « Beautiful ». Bella Belle focuses on women’s wellness while wearing high- heels shoes, especially for brides on their wedding day.

You will feel stunning and comfortable as Bella Belle’s hallmark is all about Exquisite details and feminine silhouettes.I will soon write about her new project and you will love it!

On your wedding day, every moment should feel special. Every details matters for your Editorial and glamorous wedding.

From the boudoir session to the after- party dress, you must feel confident and powerful.

The beauty artist, the photographer and the film maker will ease you, they want to sublimize you because you worth it.

We aim at creating the editorial bridal shooting with the fierce and powerful woman that you embody.

Don’t be shy, trust yourself, you are marvellous.


It’s your big day, you’re rested, you’ve taken care of your body. It’s time to make your grand entrance.

Your hair & Make up artist has highlighted your beauty, you have adorn yourself with your exquisite jewellery. The photographer and film maker immortalise your champagne-brunch- getting ready. You are high on your stilletos and you dazzle us all in that magnificent gown. You laugh out loud, you shed a little tear, but most importantly, you feel serene, happy, fulfilled.














The city of light will always have this Magic, Paris will make you dream. Especially when you find treasures of architecture and luxury service. Here are my favorite Parisian palaces, perfect for an intimate celebration, an elopement or a sumptuous luxury wedding.   The RITZ Did you know that RITZ is a first name […]

The city of light will always have this Magic, Paris will make you dream.
Especially when you find treasures of architecture and luxury service.
Here are my favorite Parisian palaces, perfect for an intimate celebration, an elopement or a sumptuous luxury wedding.




Did you know that RITZ is a first name coming from the German heim, meaning « house, home », and rik, « king ».

Everything at the Ritz is synonymous with understated luxury.

The Ritz Paris is a five-star hotel located in the heart of Paris, at 15 place Vendôme, the most expensive square in the world, at the core of the french capital. The Ritz Paris is considered as one of the most beautiful, grand and luxurious hotels in the world.


The palace has rooms and suites with absolute comfort with views over the Place Vendôme such as the Coco Chanel suite, F. Scott Fitzgerald or Marcel Proust, who were at the Ritz « just like at home ».

For a moment of grace and an invitation to the secret luxury, the spirits of the Ritz Paris & CHANEL echoes like a revelation of inner peace and divine beauty.


To delight the most discerning palates or our apprentice young chefs, the Escoffier school is a unique school in the world, where French know-how is taught to the point of excellence.

« The Ritz is the penultimate step before heaven, » Ernest Hemingway used to say.

The Ritz is renowned for it’s unrivaled tradition of excellence and savoir-faire in the heart of Paris.
It is all about refinement, spaces range from intimate to grandiose, in a prestigeous Suite, or in a private terraces, views over the Parisian rooftops, private dining room, Grand Jardin illustrate perfectly the french- art de vivre.


Sit down for a moment, art is omnipresent, it is tangible.
The luxury address is inspired by the splendour of Versailles and makes you salivate for a moment of guilty pleasure.

Restaurant-le-Meurice-Alain-Ducasse-Salle-9976-OK-Pierre-Monetta-2 Source

The charming trio that awakens your taste buds are none other than the Multiple Michelin-starred chef Alain Ducasse, Cédric Grolet « World’s Best Pastry Chef 2018 » and Jocelyn Herland.
Luxury is on your plate, you will be amazed by the 1001 flavours offered by the starred chefs of the luxurious Parisian palace.

If you want to live « à la Parisienne », then slip into the sheets of « La Parisienne ».
A typical apartment « sous les toits ».

Take some time to relax and bask in the lion’s foot bath. Luxury right down to the tip of your toe.

Your luxurious stay in the city of love will be synonymous with a fairy tale. The happiest day of your life has arrived; just surrender to your dreams, even while awake, and live the moment, just like our elders strolling through the historic heart of Paris.
Experience your luxurious wedding in serenity in the Shimmering decor of the Pompadour ballroom.


A historical nugget evoking the Grandeur of Versailles, the hotel has provided repose and inspiration for the many iconic artist throughout the centuries.

A delicate imprint of history, frequented by artists and free spirits, Le Meurice is not ostentatious. Le Meurice is Royal and is worthy of it.


Source Shangri La Paris Website

The Shangri- la , or the imaginary place described in the novel Lost Horizon written by James Hilton, tells the story of a closed place where one can see wonderful landscapes and where time is suspended in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

The Shangri La also evokes a mythical land in the Himalayas.
You can only daydream and let your imagination run wild as you enters the gates of Shangri-La Paris.

Source Shangri La Paris Website

The princely residence in the legendary city of light is already revealing the the royal treatment offered to you.

This exceptional residence will be the sublime setting for your luxurious celebration, blending European grandeur with traditional Asian hospitality.
Whether it is for an intimate wedding, an elopement, or even a sumptuous wedding proposal, you will be pampered and experience French luxury.

Parquet flooring, gilding, fireplace and molding, everything is there.
The suspended chandeliers, like piece of art, will be sieved or shimmered with a thousand lights to combine with the desired atmosphere.
Yes, I’m talking about luxury.

Source Shangri la la Piscine crédit Roberta Valerio (Shangri La Website)

The Shangri La is the escape, the perfume, the luxurious fantasy that Prince Roland Bonaparte loved so much.

Yes, you will write your love story in the salons of the Shangri La and getting lost in the heart of luxury.


Source Trip Advisor

At a glance, you feel the quintessence of this luxurious Parisian palace.
The Peninsula shines with a thousand lights on Avenue Kléber, a famous avenue near the Champs Elysée.The 5- star Palace shines surrounded by the Trocadéro, the Eiffel Tower and the Grand Palais.
The latest of the Parisian luxurious palaces draws its reputation from its exceptional culinary offer.

Source The Peninsula Paris Website

You know my love for secrets, « La table secrète » is the perfect offer for a romantic candlelight elopement and luxurious wedding proposal in Paris.

You will be breathless with the view of the most beautiful monuments of Paris.
Let me tell you something… certainly the most beautiful view in Paris.
A trip to « L’Oiseau blanc », a Cantonese culinary epic at Lili’s, a moment of grace and relaxation on the rooftop with the nod to the Eiffel Tower as a bonus, just for you.


Would you like me to convince you that a celebration at the Peninsula is synonymous with luxury?
But you already are.
Take a few steps in the lobby, feel how time stands still when you see this structure, like birds taking flight.

The Rotunda presents a luxurious setting for a dream wedding ceremony, let yourself be tempted by an elegant cocktail. followed by the most exclusive dinner.
Your sumptuous banquet illuminated by a Lasvit crystal chandelier is a captivating highlight.

Source The Peninsula Paris Website

The magnificent luxury indoor ballroom bathed in light is perfect for an intimate and luxurious event in the heart of the French capital.



The Hôtel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel is one of the most mythical hotels in the world and is an emblematic and timeless monument of the Parisian landscape. This 18th century gem offers 21st century travellers the comfort of a prestigious luxury establishment.

Many celebrities sheltered there: The Hotel de Crillon embodies a refined and warm Parisian residential style that a discerning clientele is looking for.

Source Photo: Courtesy of Rosewood Hotels

This luxurious palace – one of the oldest in the world, inspires the peace and quiet that so many is looking for.
Please, accept this invitation to timeless luxury, in the heart of the golden triangle.
Moreover, curiosity drives us to take a breath of fresh air on the terrace of the historic salons overlooking Place de la Concorde.

Source Photo: Courtesy of Rosewood Hotels

This private residence offers discreet and refined luxury in the heart of Paris.
Its « Cave » is the ideal place for an intimate reception.
The gastronomic experience granted to the most beautiful French appellations selected by the head sommelier of this exceptional residence will take you on a journey.

The Crillon inspires us with its authenticity and warmth to celebrate the most beautiful moments of life, in the heart of Paris.

Fairy tales does exist in Paris.

Luxury is all about refinement, timeless experience and authenticity.

Luxury is all about the secrets and the discreet pleasures of life.

Luxury, is the essence of Paris.

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