I like to talk about the emotional connection I feel with the couples I guide, for it is not a myth.
There really is this je ne sais quoi between us. And I am still moved just thinking about their wedding and the year and a half before this memorable week end.

A full weekend of celebration

It was a full week end destination wedding at Château de Villette, one of the Historic Masterpiece of the Heritage Collection. The Château is located Northwest of Paris, 40 minutes away from The Place Vendôme in Paris. It was love at first sight for Stacey & Sean when visiting the Château de Villette.

The celebration started with a welcome dinner at the Moulin des Marais, small hotel a few minutes from Villette, followed by the wedding day at Château de Villette to finish with a 3- hours private cruise on the Seine River for all the guests. A real fulfilment for each and every one.


Stacey is a very glamorous woman and she imagined her destination wedding to be very Lavish.

The design was created from a monochromatic color palettes with hints of peach with black black elements such as calligraphed stationery, transparency candle holders and barrocco chandeliers.

The floral colorimetry was in a shade of peach and pastel to bring warmth and tenderness.

All glassware was in the crystal theme to reinforce the purity and transparency of the design.

The fashion and haute couture touch was in the presence of pearls. The Artistic team also found some hints with bottles of Chanel N°5 perfume as soliflore on the tables.

In terms of originality, there was a real focus on the scenography through a wisely chosen furniture, combining pure modernism and barrocco touches brought by the chandeliers empires.


From the Editorial boudoir session to the late- night party, It was all about fashion!

I give you Marylin inspirations, old Hollywood glam, sexiness, nerve, sensuality; the modern bride’s trousseau with a hint of glam.

I serve you glam, Hollywood style, sexiness, as well as refinement. Let’s not compromise on the means.
When a bride chooses me, she knows that she will have the most iconic Boudoir ever, and above all in her own unique style.

We have the trousseau with a beaded veil, a robe that highlights the assets, the bathrobe, on barefoot and maybe a chair. It is enough.

The lovebirds were not left out: Each celebration had its own theme and the couple played the game of selecting several looks.
Ivory sheath dress and bustier for the rehearsal dinner, casual-chic outfit for Sean.
Elegant wedding, salsa dancer dress and branded Bella belle Salomé for the second dance.

To finish with a dress with a strapless heart and a slit on the side for the evening look.

A more casual look and without bow ties For Sean. The party was epic starting with the Salsa Routine the couple performed!

The guests were Amazed!


We all agree that marriage is a party! Stacey and Sean really wanted to bring a Parisian experience to their guests, most of whom had never been to Europe before.

If you had the opportunity to work with me, you definitely say that wow factor is a tradition for me Literally.

As a Maestra, I made it a point to surround myself with French vendors who had a rather daring style.

The ceremony, orchestrated by my dear friend Naïm, was sublimated by the gospel group Limyè’A.
The procession especially Sean, the groom, were deeply moved during the promenade on the Hymne à l’amour by the Iconic Edith Piaf.

Lyric soprano Sylviane reinterpreted a song about peace, Ukuthula – so poignant.
Between Negro spirituals and well-known covers, the gospel group Limyè’A brought a touch of spirituality to the ceremony.

Saxo player, flair bartender for the after party, and obviously the one and only Dita, we were clubbing on the edge that night.


There is no destination wedding without a grand farewell!

Whether it’s a classic concept or something out-of-the-ordinary or unorthodox… The most important thing is that you feel good about the unforgettable get away you shared with your loved ones.

I gave you a private cruise on the Seine and I can tell you that bringing together culture, history and fun is the best.

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