Secrets, Intimacy, confidences…



One of the most beautiful example of Elopement is Romeo & Juliet. They did Elope and were focus on their true love, genuine moment of commitment in a spiritual way. Should you wish to get married legally, civil ceremonies can also be planned on your Elopement day.




The word Elopement means “to leave home in secret in order to marry in a secret manner”. The french translation would be “La Fugue Amoureuse” but Elopement is now widely used.

We sometimes forget that Marriage is the sacrement between two souls in love, that is why couples who want a Secret love celebration know exactly what Elopement means.

Usually, Elopements take place in a confidential and crowd- free locations. My goal is to create for you a bubble of peace and love.




The Elopement is your reflection

Your story, your experiences, your Elopement is a moment designed with flair, grace, passion and love. Just as your couple, it will be unique and iconic.




There are no limits to your imagination. You dream, I make it happen. I make it a point of honor to offer you in the respect of your values, a unique and Iconic Elopement by surrounding myself with a team of competent and professional vendors and artists to offer you the best moment of your life.




The elopement represents the singular opportunity to choose an exceptional place to settle your Love celebration.

“Just the Two of Us”



Elopement does not follow the wedding codes as traditionally understood, but on the contrary it will be your pure reflection, from the ceremony with the exchange of your promises, your bespoke culinary experiences to your iconic photoshoot session.

An Elopement does not mean that your relatives have to be banned from the day.




Actually, an Elopement can be considered as a micro wedding which means that your beloved stand by you to celebrate this amazing day.

Nothing but a dream

From the very moment you will land in the city of lights, you will feel the atmosphere we’ve designed for your enchanted interlude.



By displaying your favorite flowers in your suite, directing your soft- editorial bridal shoot indulging with our finest chocolate, champagne and macaroons.

Then, the first look and the exchange of vows in front of the sparkling Eiffel tower followed by a Gourmet pre-dinner drink during your cruise on a wooden barge on the Seine River.


The romance continues during the Paris by night city tour in your vintage car… you will find the power of this beautiful moment in every details.


The need to escape

Elopement is nowadays seen more as an intentionally small and intimate marriage that allows more meaning to be placed on the commitment made by the couple.



Elopements is then a way for the couple to schedule an extraordinary trip, often abroad, during which they exchange their consents in a place that is dear to them or that they admire. We want you to dream and to feel the emotions.

Express yourself in your Elopement:  a forest, the top of a mountain, a beach, or more atypical spots such as a library, a waterfall, an historical monument.


Le Secret d’Indirihya

I have been planning Elopements for several years now, and I had a feeling that this would become a trend. I have always been captivated and intrigued by this celebration of Love, so pure and so symbolic.


As the spiritual celebrant that is devoted for you and will write your couple story, as your Elopement planner in Paris and Chantilly who know all the secret gardens for a romantic experience and from a destination wedding and elopement expert who escort you in your desires of elsewhere, of change of scenery, of ardour – I have your back, I am here for you and always be fulfilled to celebrate your Love.


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