In the mid wedding season, I needed to pause and have a moment for myself. #rendezvouswithaudreyprovence was the perfect opportunity.

After receiveing my personal invitation to an all-inclusive luxury retreat for creatives, entrepreneurs and lovers of France, I jumped in the train, straight ahead to Provence.

What can I say, I had the most amazing week in Provence for the Second Edition of my Rendez-Vous With Audrey. The Beauty and spirit of Provence have sparked the heart of all the creatives who joined Audrey and Rachel.

Rosé tasting, little appetizers, quiet and positive vibes, exactly what I needed for this luxury wedding mid- season break.


The garden of the Posterlon was beautifully designed by Morgane Planque, Founder Art director and Floral designer of Big Day.

Her floral style and specialties are poetic, in a “garden” style. During the floral workshop, I was able to feel all the passion, the sensitivity and and all the determination she puts into the projects she designs.

A candlelight dinner, the outdoor design and the vibes were perfectly melting with the softness of life and the olive trees fragrance.

South west of France is one of the top regions for a luxury celebration; Its mild temperatures, its perfect location and accessibility, its magnificent landscapes… The heart of Provence gently caressed by the mistral wind, beats in the hills that connect the sea to the mountains of the Alps. It is these hills of vineyards, cultures and colourful landscapes that have charmed Cézanne or Van Gogh.

I needed to be inspired and take the time for myself.

So we were wives, entrepreneurs, designers, chef, mothers, future brides … We were all there to recharge our batteries and live an experience.


Thinking of myself, having a lovingly prepared breakfast, we will share an unforgettable girls trip together: relaxing by the pool, picnicking in the mesmerizing Lavender fields, striking the pose like an influencer, wandering in the picturesque village of Gordes and indulging in the pleasures of good food without ever feeling a little guilty, a real treat!

Since our arrival at the “Maison” and the “Clos” until our departure we have been pampered and more than spoiled:
Wine tasting, cooking classes with the charming Anne Laure Intéglia, chef of Met des lys, introduction to make-up with the sparkling Natalia Issa, beauty artist or even a little village discovery tour with the popular and affectionate nickname Deuche given to Citroën’s 2CV.
Not to forget the design of each event. A must!


Our host, Audrey is incredibly helpful and caring.
She put us all at ease, pampered us and made our stay as comfortable as possible.
Even our little confidences by the pool were a delight.

It was all about refinement, from the choice of design, the service providers who made us live an incredible luxurious experience, the bursts of laughter and the moments of sharing.
But also those emotional moments during the farewell dinner… I admit it, I had a knot in my throat that I had to leave.
It feels so good!


We were lodging in two luxury and charming provencal venues, ideal for our fabulous dinners, and shootings, perfect to recharge our batteries, let our imagination run wild, create, be inspired….

The creative ateliers were amazing: I was so excited to learn how to cook with the other attendees, and we did great thanks to the gifted graduate in culinary arts Anne- Laure intéglia.

Anne- Laure is the founder and chef of Mets des Lys, a clever blend of delicacy, refinement and innovation. cuisine.

She revealed to us that what she had acquires a solid expertise out of her countless trips.

Having fun, feeling beautiful, being sublimated and chatting together.
Discover the art of movement, sensuality and femininity with Ale Vidal.

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking to Ale. She guided me somewhat on the emotions and the spirituality that emanates from me, from my brand.

She made me aware of my emotional and artistic potential.


Everything we could feel touch, taste, smell and see was authentic. Isn’t that the essence of our craft? Creating synergy, doing good, enjoying the moment. Happiness is quite simply.

This luxury retreat opened my mind to well-being in simplicity.

Thank you to all the vendors that made my intimate travel a real blast.

I am a girl who loves all things pretty, to be spoiled, to enjoy hour long brunch and chill by the pool.

Rendez vous with Audrey Provence planned and hosted by Audrey NERACOULIS

Floral and design Morgane PLANQUE

Private chef Anne- Laure INTÉGLIA


Le Clos Saint Estève

Le Posterlon



Vintage Crockery rental

Vintage car rental Deuche forever

Beauty artist Natalia ISSA

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