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One of my role as the one and only fashion-forward wedding planner in Europe, is obviously to match the desires and needs of the couple.

The bride’s needs are at the center of my attention, my love for Fashion, Elegance and Glamour is not a secret.

Bridal Fashion is so fascinating, so many wedding gown designers has their own signature and style; as a matter of fact every women will find this second skin that will sublimate them on the Wedding day.

It is my desire is to sublimate you ladies, whatever it takes.

Camille wanted to be Iconic on her wedding day.

The venue selected, the vendors, the design, every details was made to measure in order to meet her expectations.

From the soft boudoir session to the cocktail party, our motto was editorial and timeless.

We aimed at creating an editorial bridal shoot with a fierce woman, Camille.
Camille is an independent woman, she is ambitious and hard-working.

The celebration took place at the stunning castle in Ermenonville, 35 minutes from central Paris.

The castle of Ermenonville is a high historical place.

Situated in the heart of the princely forests, facing the Jean-Jacques Rousseau park and surrounded by a moat, this magnificent residence reflecting in the waters of the Launette river happily combines comfort and a bucolic atmosphere.

The castle of Ermenonville is one of the most beautiful castle of Ile de France.
This jewel in the heart of nature is the ideal setting for an elegant and refined wedding.

It was on a winter day. The light was soft, with a slight blue tint.
The poetry that emerges is powerful, even bewitching.

The bride’s soft boudoir is all about sublimating her, playing with the elements. The candles in the fireplace enhance the light.
Sohélo’s embroidered and beaded veil represents femininity and sensuality. In her undressing, Camille reveals herself in all intimacy.

Then, she adorns herself with the dress, designed by Chris Von Martial. The “Sarah” model composed of a voluminous skirt worn with her crop top for a bride who wants to make a difference.

The “Grâce” tiara and the “Léonie” pair of earrings for accessories; a wet hair and luminous beauty, a touch of mystery.

Be glamorous, Be sexy, Be you

It’s your big day, you’re rested, you’ve taken care of your body. It’s time to make your grand entrance.

Your Hair & make up artist has highlighted your beauty, you have adorned yourself with your exquisite jewellery.

The photographer and film maker immortalise your champagne- brunch- getting ready .

You’re high on your stilettos and you dazzle us all in that magnificent gown. You laugh out loud, you shed a little tear. But the most important thing is that you feel serene, happy, fulfilled.

It’s time to join your beloved and declare your love. You are taking one last deep breath before the First look. You are confident, you are sexy, glamorous and beautiful.

You are perfect.

Share your secrets with me if you are a lavish and glamourous- elegant bride-to-be who loves Haute Couture.

I’ll be that warm and caring ear you’re looking for…

You deserve to be marvellous.


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