When they are expressing their feelings and their emotions in front of the camera.



Each couple inspire me.
Sometimes by their history, the trials they have been through.
I believe in fate, but is there any chance?
This is the first story I’m telling you here, the story of a couple who only dreamed of uniting, in complete intimacy.

I would like to introduce you to one of my couples who wanted to get married differently, to get married in secret.
I love secrets.

When I mentioned the Elopement, they were seduced and very moved.
AN ELOPEMENT?  (Comes from the verb Elope- to Leave home secretly to get married) – It is a Secret Union and the couple chose to promise to each other in complete intimacy.
The only witness were the photographers, the videographer and my team.
I love highlighting the story of each couple I guide.

FALLING FOR YOU, rings like the proper name of their story to me. And they loved it!
FALLING FOR YOU as the act of falling in love with the Other, falling in love with Love, falling in love with yourself.
FALLING FOR YOU like the rain falling and blessing the lovers during their promises in front of Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral.
It gave a touch of authenticity and enhanced their photo and video session.

Notre Dame de Paris is one of the strongest symbols of Paris. The video begins with the sound of the bells of Notre Dame, which blend with the music that is called “Falling for You”. The Cathedral is in the heart of the City of Light. We all keep in mind the Romance created by Victor Hugo. A wedding in Paris, a lot of lovers’ dream of it.


Even if it was an Elopement, the First Look is major to me.
After the getting ready in a flat, the bride and groom were ready to discover each other before the ceremony.
This was so emotional when they first look at each other for the first time – like a Love at first sight, which echo their love story.
The first look represents the love at first sight of 2 Beings who already love each other.

Make it simple, that’s the most complicated thing to do. The couple was eager for emotion, complicity, wanted few decorative elements (or even no decoration at all).
They wanted to keep it discreet, out of modesty.

The red bow tie and red cufflinks for him, the flower crown for Her were the only touches of color.

The bride chose a beautiful natural white love is like a Rose jumpsuit with the Chantilly cream lace stole pairing her two pair of shoes (natural white pumps from Mademoiselle Rose création & sur mesure silver Salomé sandals from Chamberlan).

For the groom, it was a blue Johann 3-pieces tuxedo and vintage black varnished Givenchy Loafers.

They chose rings from Iskender Alliances.
The bride opted for red earrings hanging from the Pajpa’s.

A very natural beauty make up (done by Victoria Ronayne Mashiter and a simple textured hair style done by Armand Hair stylist).


What about the vendors?
Louise and Mélanie beautifully captured every moment of the getting ready, the ceremony and the promises.
They immortalized the Romance, the love at first sight and the emotion of the lover.

The videographer Gaël made the decision to shoot under the rain.
He was resolute to give it an identity, to humanize it, as if she was witnessing the lover ’s complicity.
He has demonstrated his creativity and originality in the plans he has made.


The lovers followed their Elopement by their honeymoon and flew to Corsica.

Here is the one-minute sneak peek of the FALLING FOR YOU ELOPEMENT:




Videographer Gaël BELGARDE http://100pixels.net/
Photographer Mélanie VAURY  @melanievauryphotographe https://www.melanievaury.com
Louise QUERIN @soulbliss – http://www.soulbliss.fr/
Sur mesure Wedding dress designer @loveislikearose_paris http://www.loveislikearoseparis.com/

Make up artist @victoria.mmua
Hair stylist @armand_hairstylist
Tuxedo @johanncostumes
Rings @iskenderalliancesparis
Earings @pajpa_officiel

Wedding planner  Anaïde LUCIATE DI BELL’ GARDE @Indirihya