août 12, 2016


It all started like a secret in winter with blue shades.
Those 2 lovers were determined to escape and feel the true vibes of their love story.
Therefore, we created A winter shade of blue, echo of their love story.

It all begging with the getting ready /boudoir photo shoot Anna wanted for her wedding day.
Black and white, mystery, a bit mischievous.

The bridal boudoir:

I truly believe every couple should do a soft boudoir photoshoot.
Relaxed and artistic pictures will help them feel more comfortable and even forget the lenses, before tying the knot.
Gabriella Vanstern styled a Tea moment with some macaroons while she discovers the love letter Guillaume wrote for her.

The fine art photographer captured all the details and created an incredible job, sometimes alternating film and digital in order to highlight this mixed couple, with this captivating fire-colored hair – future bride.


Anna is an actress and lives in the city of light.
She gets her energy and inspiration from the magnificent village of Montmartre.
And it was indeed, the perfect romantic setting they dreamed of.

Guillaume is a renowned Mixologist and they met on a shoot.

Anna and Guillaume are truly mixed- inspirational couple, and when they started planning their elopement, they wanted something new, something blue in Montmartre.

Blue reminds them of the pretty blue roof of Paris and it’s also the color of Anna’s eyes.
Guillaume once told me that those blue eyes had struck him down a little bit.

Montmartre, Paris

Montmartre and its little streets, the place du tertre and its famous caricaturists who draw their portrait, its magical Basilica of Sacré Coeur, its magnificent view of Paris.

Montmartre because it’s romantic, Gabriella invited the couple to relax and take a coffee moment before the exchange of promises.

The perfect place, since the couple love meeting with friends at “the blue café’, as they call it.

Anna designed her elopement dress, her dream dress as she said with the stylist Maeva from Meluccia Couture.
The elopement dress was inspired by scenes and movies sets. It was modern, glamour and sexy, which will echo with her aesthetic taste and scenic personality, as for her vintage Hollywood hair style.

The feminity:

Anna once told me ” the Femininity is being attentive and listening.
The Femininity is self-expression, self-experience, self-awareness.
The Femininity is not proud, but it is aware of these assets.
The Femininity is to be free and to speak with sensitivity without ever feeling embarrassed.”

She were right, the film maker once again hightlights the feminity and the sensuality in the video.
Always with the right balance, always with elegance.


The design:

The Elopement took place in their Haussemanian apartment, one table and 6 guests, the table designed by the stunning Kahina events. The Wedding designer created an intimate atmosphere where orange and blue met perfectly.

Kahina is one of the top french wedding designer.
The lovers wanted a simple and warm indoor setting.
A little greenery on the fireplace, the blue tablecloth and the mix of flowers and vintage crockery.
All a refinement that the couple wanted, just the touch of refinement it takes without overdoing it.

The unique table for their 6 guests and the room lit by the glow of the flames added such a romantic and peaceful athmosphere for the elopement.

A winter shade of blue elopement as a result of all the shades of love and passion.

Guillaume & Anna



Fine art photographer Gabriella VANSTERN https://gabriellavanstern.com/

Film maker Gaël BELGARDE & Sarah ROSE http://100pixels.net/

Design & flowers Kahina https://www.kahinaevents.com/

Dress Maeva TERRIER from Melucia Couture

Elopement planner Anaïde LUCIATE DI BELL’ GARDE https://indirihya.com/

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