During the first seven days of lockdown, I had the opportunity to question myself, to exchange with my associate Noha on the turning point that the wedding industry was taking.




March 2020: The beginning of a shift, and what shift?


Photo by Christiane Taylor


Spring is all about renewal, life, opportunities.

We are going to refocus on the essentials, we’re gonna take the time, we will listen to each other and share. We are going to surprise ourselves.

Do you see that spark just waiting to be rekindled? It’s there and it’s in us.


Even if we are all affected by the Covid 19 crisis, it must be an opportunity to prepare for the future season.

We advocate the positive in every things, we anticipate and guide our future brides and grooms.

Our role here takes on its full meaning, and we will come out of it stronger and more dignified.

Elopement, intimate wedding

The trend for intimate weddings (micro weddings and elopement) has already been mentioned.

This trend already exists, couples who choose to elope feel the need and desire for it, it is not an alternative.

Céline & Ezrial


But if you had planned to get married in spring of the year 2020 and are forced to postpone it, you can consider an intimate wedding as the best way to celebrate your love and save money, or continue to plan your wedding with a wedding consultant.

This crisis does not have to change your plan, if you want un sumptuous wedding, you will have it.

The wedding vendors will be flexible and attentive to advise you in the best possible way.

Photo Christiane Taylor

What we bring you today

We advise you, we listen to your expectations and needs, we make the link with already booked service providers and we find adapted solutions.

After the storm, we will be ready and effective since we’ll take enough time to apply what we’ve been working on over the break.

Photo by Benjamin Black

Start over

We all have  experienced change, I do not take change as a trauma, but  as an opportunity to grow.

To my point of view it’s time to find our imprint, our signature and promote it…

Like every new year, we make resolutions: it is a blank page that we want to cover with our experiences, our ups and downs.

What we are living right now is our biggest challenge but we have to feel confident in the future.

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