During the Renaissance, the kings of France decided to build or renovate their castles not for defence but for their pleasure and comfort.

Whether you are looking for a reception with grandeur or an intimate celebration, an elegant château will amaze your guests.
The Parisian surroundings are full of architectural treasures. Some of them stand out and there is no shortage of rare pearls.

Let yourself be tempted by this timeless change of scenery for your luxurious reception near Paris.

Château de Ferrières en Brie

The castle of Ferrières en Brie is a jewel of Neo-Renaissance style.
Located in Seine et Marne, the Château de Ferrières is classified as a Historic Monument, it will transport your guests into a universe in perfect harmony with the French lifestyle.Whether you opt for a hushed, majestic or refined atmosphere, the Château de Ferrières is the luxurious setting you are looking for.

The blue lounge is the perfect setting for a luxury banquet, the marble columns and the Louis XVI style of the blue lounge provide a chic and classic atmosphere.

Moreover, it offers a magnificent view and direct access to the park of the Château de Ferrières.
Everything is sublime at the Château de Ferrières en Brie and you will experience excellence à la Française.

Château d’Hardricourt

The château d’ Hardricourt is a castle of the XIXᵉ century surrounded by a wooded park of one hectare located in the Yvelines in Ile-de-France.

This exceptional jewel full of history, located 35 km from Paris is pure refinement.The subtle luxury of this venue and the quality of the amenities provide an ideal environment to host your sumptuous wedding.

The Château d’ Hardricourt, carefully restored and designed, knows how to offer a refined and elegant dimension to all your private events.

Château de Champlatreux

Designed to receive and give brilliant parties in the 18th century, the Château de Champlatreux is ideally suited to host receptions, balls and wedding parties.

The vast terrace overlooking the park makes it possible to welcome guests for cocktails, or to set up an ephemeral structure if you prefer the castle to be the witness of your feast. The arrival of guests through the main courtyard is majestic. In the evening, the castle and the surroundings of the park are illuminated. The fireworks in the final bouquet of your sumptuous celebration will set the tone for your dance party.

Château de Vallery

Host your wedding reception at France’s most romantic Historical Monument: Château de Vallery is a true Renaissance masterpiece, located one hour to the south of Paris.

For your special day, make the most of property’s 4 grandiose historical halls, 28 rooms, heated swimming pool, tennis court, torch-lit evenings, music until dawn and much, much more.

Only 50 km from Paris it is a unique and magical place to start your reception under the best auspices.
Château de Vallery offers a privileged setting: a structure that can be adapted to all types of events and events, which benefits from a historic and sumptuous setting.

The Oriental pavillon opens up to overlook the rose garden to the south. The pool is heated all year round.

Château de Raray

This multi-faceted case combines modernity and authenticity. Nestled in the countryside of the Hauts-de-France in the Oise region, north of Paris, the Château de Raray is a haven of peace with a unique architectural heritage.

Far from these impersonal and often intimidating buildings, the castle invites you to enter, stroll, observe and enjoy.

Nestled in the heart of the village of Raray, the castle benefits from a privileged location and a very rich tourist heritage.

Its quality of life, its gastronomy, its proximity to the capital but also its animations and events make the Oise a very popular holiday resort.The setting lends itself perfectly to the romanticism of the event and thus offers a grandiose panorama for your majestic celebrations less than an hour from the City of Light.

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