Anaïde is my true real name.

For those you are fascinated by mythology, they will understand that my path was set. Like the Armanian Goddess of Love, I am in love with love, I am passionate about Romance and Nature. As a matter of fact, Anahit (also pronounced Anahid) was the goddess of fertility and birth (similar to Aphrodite), beauty and water.

After working in luxury real estate, cosmetic surgery and even communication and tourism, I needed a breath of fresh air. I have done nothing but build my own business, which brings together exactly everything I master and everything I want to develop.



It wasn’t my first try as I had been working as a sales agent for an agency based in Nantes and La Baule several years before. I was in charge of the expansion of Paris.
And even if this experience didn’t end as planned, I quickly drew the conclusions: I wasn’t ready!



Yes, I wasn’t ready because I had been taken advantage of my generosity, my ideas. The worst thing is that at the beginning, every one loves you, adores you. I have been told I am the best asset they could have to reach their goals and they tried to grab my knowledge by making promises that led to nothing.

These experiences, on the spot, were very hard to handle, as I ended up feeling vulnerable.
Well, believe me, you get out of it very quickly when you really want to get back in. And above all, that you have no choice but to succeed.








For almost 3 years, I did something else. I worked in cosmetic surgery, and yes, I was an office manager in a digital company; I was in touch with influencers dedicated to food and beauty.
I was a welcome manager : I was the Swiss army knife they were looking for, at ease with executive committees, listening to employees, always ready to give support and comfort to anyone who needed it. I even integrated exceptional estates sales departments which enable me to gain in confidence.

It was a urge to come back stronger than ever with a background in sales in luxury hotels and lavish estates…it was a first step in the stirrup.



My relationship with him, my mentor, one of the few people who gave me back my self-confidence, was hard and ruthless too, but always caring.

To be supported by someone who really wants to see you thrive is crucial.

It has been the most beautiful and formative learning experiences I ever dreamed of having. And it has also been one of my most memorable meets, one of my most cherished friendships.



I founded Le Secret d’Indirihya 3 years ago and I instantly began by celebrating elopements in Paris and Chantilly. I soon met with Noha who is the designer and Artistic director.

Together we launched Luxury Secret Event and we are devoted and passionate about Fashion and aesthetics.
That is why we style Editorial, Glamorous and Lavish events in Europe.



There are a billion of reasons I can share with you, but the major one is that I am a passionate and a fierce woman.

I give everything with my heart and I don’t hide from it.
We don’t get many opportunities to make a first good impression, and I daily challenge myself to do what I do best: give and share.



Do people take advantage of me? This is no longer the case, because I have sharpened my skills and my knowledge.
Am I threatened by competition? Absolutely not, on the contrary, it motivates and stimulates me. No one can do like Anaïde, and no one can do like you either.

I am not afraid to share my flaws and my doubts. I am not afraid to share my Humanity and in this unprecedented time we have been experiencing, it is high time for us to be true to ourselves.



I work as I breathe, literally. I plan an editorial style shoot with the same flair and devotion as I plan a love celebration. My father has always said to us that we ought to do everything with love, no matter what (even washing the dishes).

He is so right! Everything is smoother and easier if you put Love and Devotion in everything you craft.







Am I melancholic about the past year?
I would say that it has brought me a lot of positive memories.
I have done a lot of work on what I want to share and offer to my clients.
I won’t change my investment or my essence, my signature. But one thing is certain: I am sure that I love my job even more than I thought I would.

Here is a sneak peek of 2020, the craziest year ever.



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